The Ladd School


The Ladd School

Lost Reels: Unveiling the Enigmatic Past

Step into a realm of mystery and anticipation as we unveil a collection of film reels shrouded in secrecy. Like hidden treasures from a bygone era, these reels hold the power to transport us into the enigmatic world of the Ladd School.

While the content of these reels remains a tantalizing enigma, we find intriguing clues within the labeled boxes that house them. "Speech Department," "Annual Review," and "Hepatitis" hint at their potential as training videos. A labeled box marked "Greene II" invokes the memories of the old hospital, while another bears the word "Bowling," suggesting a lighthearted pastime enjoyed within these walls. Handwritten labels, crossed out with pen and marker, add an air of mystery to those that are marked.

Yet, it is the unmarked reels that hold an even deeper allure, their contents veiled in secrecy. What stories and revelations lie within these uncharted territories of the past?

Twenty-two Scotch and Sony brand reels, varying in size from five to seven inches in diameter, present the possibility of up to seven hours of captivating footage. Through the flickering frames, we may encounter moments captured in black-and-white or vibrant color, accompanied by the echoes of sound.

Preserved in near-perfect condition, these reels have slumbered in storage since the 1990s, perhaps even reaching back to the 1970s, when the majority of recordings were made. Their survival is a testament to their enduring significance.

However, a daunting challenge stands in our path. The outdated equipment required to unleash the secrets within these films is exceedingly rare, while the cost of digitizing them proves prohibitive. A regrettable obstacle that prevents immediate access to these valuable glimpses into the Ladd School's recent past.

With bated breath, we await the unfolding of this extraordinary journey. Only time will reveal the hidden narratives and long-lost memories that lie dormant within these elusive reels. Let us embark on this quest, hopeful that the treasures they hold shall soon come to light.


 Collection Details

Twenty-two reel-to-reel films of the Ladd School, in color or black and white, with sound.

ca 1960 — 1972
22 film reels, 5 and 7 inch
As New
The Ladd School

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