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"Remember Me": A Lens on Life at the Dr. Joseph H. Ladd Center

Published in 1979, "Remember Me" is a brochure chronicling the daily life and operations at the Dr. Joseph H. Ladd Center in Exeter, Rhode Island. The creation of this brochure was directed by Siser Mary Sullivan, with Alma Davenport contributing the text and photographs, design by Tom Ahern, printing by Foremost Lithograph, and funded by a Title 1 Federal Grant from the Operation Child Development initiative.

The brochure offers a glimpse into the institution's structured environment, detailing various services like adult rehabilitation, child development programs, medical facilities, and support services aimed at caring for the residents. It also highlights the recreational amenities, and the institution's attempt to provide a balanced lifestyle for its residents, inclding playgrounds, gymnasiums, and a summer camp on Watchataug Pond in East Greenwich, R.I.

The publication of "Remember Me" perhaps came at a time when the Ladd Center was under scrutiny, serving as a narrative to address the prevalent public opinion about the institution. While showcasing the center’s efforts to provide care, it inadvertently reflects the broader societal attitudes of the time, some of which have evolved significantly in the modern era.

This brochure offers a window to a bygone era, encouraging viewers to ponder the evolution of care practices and societal norms over the decades. It has been carefully digitized and is available for download, allowing a broader audience to engage with this insightful narrative.



 Collection Details

An 11-page saddle-stitched illustrated brochure, offering a window into the operations of the Dr. Joseph H. Ladd Center.

Book, Brochure
Approximately 9" square
Very Good, digitized
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