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The Language of Schizophrenia

The Language of Schizophrenia, 1962 | Dr. Hans Unger M.D.

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Interviews with psychiatric patients at the Buffalo State Asylum for the Insane, by Dr. Hans Unger, M.D.

3-LP Set, Vinyl
Private Label

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Voices of the Silenced: 'The Language of Schizophrenia' Revealed

Emerging in the mid-nineteenth century, the Buffalo State Asylum for the Insane once stood as a beacon of progressive mental health treatment, embodying the hope and optimism of its era. Yet, as the years went on, a familiar and disturbing transformation unfolded. Overwhelmed by the weight of overcrowding and the complexities of mental illness, the institution became a somber testament to a system straining under the burden of human suffering. Today, as the remaining buildings stand in suspended time, their empty halls and weathered walls reverberate with the poignant narratives of those who endured the labyrinthine depths of mental turmoil.

From these ethereal echoes, "The Language of Schizophrenia," a three-record set released in 1962, casts an eerie spell. Dr. Hans Unger, a psychiatrist at Buffalo State Hospital at the time, conducted these interviews. His voice, alongside those of the asylum's patients—from those grappling with the shadows of depression and anxiety to those entangled in the disordered realities of severe schizophrenia—offers a raw and unfiltered glimpse into the human experiences within the institution. Tragically, just a year after the release of the records, Dr. Unger was found hanging in the basement of his Amherst, New York home.

Through the veil of time, these haunting recordings intertwine with the ambient sounds of the asylum, weaving an audiotapestry that paints a vivid portrait of its atmosphere. Each crackle and pop of these records transports us across the threshold of history, immersing us in a world both intimately real and shrouded in unsettling allure. Unidentified background noises add to the enigmatic symphony, as if the spirits of the past whisper secrets through the static.

This is more than a mere historical record; it is an immersive odyssey into the heart of the asylum, granting us a profound encounter with the voices that once echoed through its corridors.



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